total id pigs -- installation/one-night collaborative performance w/Wendy Ross and Rachel Yezbick -- Re:View Gallery -- Detroit, MI -- 2011


















Yearn to hold the object closed on Sundays. There is no law restricting the opening hours of shops. While exceptions do exist, this rule is largely accepted.
A reproduction. A skin of its original being. An umbrella membrane under which insurance values dictate the force of significance.

Our collective memory becomes an antique, a souvenir identity of objects with permanence longer than our own. If to own is to grasp at god, at an immortal state of being, why not fool ourselves? You can actually believe that. an Antique Roadshow.

Online application. Query: I feel that people are generally good. Strongly Disagree. Disagree. Neutral. Agree. Strongly Agree.

To be true. Strongly Disagree. Disagree. Neutral. Agree. Strongly Agree.

Overcome the reality of a unique, natural object. A concrete mushroom, maybe an angel. Accept its reproduction. Obtain it by way of its imitation.

A fountain?

It is a simulacrum of seeming permanence. It’s in the new catalog, isn’t it fabulous emblazoned within the mind’s eye? Wrapped in cellophane bliss and enveloped in untarnished glory. Consume its mediated aura and adjust perception to its new form. Pry it from its encapsulating shell to destroy its essence with your touch. She had this collection of resin tortoises. Loved them. Right, right. We’d get her one every time we’d visit Florida.

We broke the mold of the ford f-150. Remember how i hated it?


That purple stuff should get that off. Rock of Gibralter. Exhume then inter its never-been ritual function. A real burial. Honest!

A culture made permanent through materialism. The aesthetic of product. Of technology. Of technological aesthetic production. Sharpened with indelible inedible binary bullshit. Mac laptop or MAC countertop. Some cosmic Collapsible Cosmetic Cash machines.

A secular cult, a cult of beauty, a cult of value. A cult to be emancipated from flea free market parasitic repetition and ritual.

The object is thrown over the fence from ritual to politics. Beyond way to be a burden. In art, it gains increasing mobility. Whaddya mean by real people? “A still more broad definition includes everything that has existed, exists, or will exist, not just in the mind…also including what is only in the mind.” He described him as a sort of armchair solipsist. Who determines that RISK? I recall (s)he. She. They? had preferred Stratego.

Human countenance transforms innocuous entities into a regression into relativism. Classic overdubs.
“radiated men will eat the flesh of radiated men” I’m bored. Radiant eulogy. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe.
A smooth gradient. Mouseover

Into remembered material –
Into materiality of the soul.

There’s this new bagel place! Yeah, yeah. I know! Seriously you’ve got to try it. No better way to stArt in the age of mechanical reproduction”.

An altercation of reaction and “simultaneous collective experience”.
Be Outside Real Gained experience
in a mediated and controlled space,
But burst this world asunder
With dynamic force.



special thanks to Wendy Ross and Rachel Yezbick