'ego drift' at WAKE gallery, Detroit, MI

ego drift is a free esoteric art and information store inspired by the work of Dr. Wilhelm Reich, founded by Ian Swanson and Wendy Ross.


Gibralter Trade Center Holistic Festival ~ Mt. Clemens, MI (snippet)

'cloudbuster(after W.R.)'
-copper pipe, resin, aluminum, quartz crystals, wood

'GTCreal talk'
-printed vinyl on map stand

'ego drift paintings from GTC'
-6 acrylic on linen paintings, rotating wire display rack

'orgonite energy cones'
-resin, copper, silver leaf, quartz crystal, mica in custom display cases with grow lamps

'egodrift.in display banners' (selection)
-brass, copper, gold, magnetic powder, screws, magnetic tray on digitally printed nylon Nuclear Blast banners

'egodrift orgonite editions'
-resin, brass, copper, holographic security decal on dibond panel w/Trisonic window/door alarm

*special thx to wendy ross and chris samuels